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Trademark is basically the identity of a brand. It is a visual symbol, which is used by a business to distinguish its goods or services from other similar goods or services originating from a different business. It basically comprises of the shape of the goods, it’s patterns, designs, and packaging, etc. The name, logo, product or service is the crux of a business and thus, formulate a part of its trademark. It becomes very important for any of the business to protect its intellectual assets with Trademark Registration so that no other similar entity can use its brand name and goodwill without licensing and prior permission.

By trademarking your company’s name, you are protecting the brand, its reputation, and your ideas, all of which you undoubtedly invested a great deal of blood, sweat, and tear working on. And while the trademarking process itself will take time in all areas considered, nothing would be worse than not protecting your brand and potentially be faced with an infringement lawsuit from a larger company.

The process of brand trademark registration in India is now possible and convenient such that you can trademark any one of the below things or even a combination of the following:

Letter, Word, Number, Phrase, Graphics, Logo, Sound Mark, Smell or a mix of Colors.

Protecting Your Idea Was Never So Easy!

Documents Required

Lex Equipe has helped file over fifty thousand trademark applications in India and has obtained registration for leading brands.
There are a certain set of documents that need to be signed, scanned and sent to us. The list is given below:

  • Signed Form TM 48 which is used to provide indicating attorney with authorization to file your trademark application.
  • Identity proof of the trademark owner. It can be PAN card or Passport or Aadhar card.
  • Incorporation certificate (if it’s a company or LLP)
  • Udyog Aadhaar registration certificate (MSME)- the government fees for trademark filing for companies having Udyog Aadhaar is Rs. 4500/- otherwise, they have to pay Rs. 9000/- to file the application if they do not possess an Udyog Aadhaar.
  • Logo if applicable and available.
  • Address proof.
  • Download and signed copy of the TM Form attached below.


Trademark Search

Trademark search will help the availability of a mark and to find if any other similar or identical mark exists. The client can proceed depending on the availability of the mark.

45 Classes

The world intellectual property office (WIPO) has organized all goods & service under 45 classes. The first 35 classes donate products and the rest services.

TM Symbol

Business can start using the TM symbol alongside their brand after filling the trademark application. This symbol is NOT indicative of registration.

R Symbol

The (R) mark can be used once the trademark application is approved & registration is complete. The entire process usually takes eight to ten months.

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